Make Your Private Rural Mailbox

Rural mailbox is a part of American culture because it is a daily necessity for most people. Located along the street or highway, rural mailbox is the only way to retrieve the mail and the postman called.

Measure a distance of 6 inches from the street or sidewalk. Specify the location of the mailbox when the mailbox is installed on your computer, it should not be 6” more. Dig a pit in the mail, a search of the post. Dig a hole 2 feet in depth, the starting point. Place the pin into the hole. Set the mailbox for the official distance of the hole so that the mounting plate and is between 41 to 45 inches.

Dig a hole in the gravel around the post and tamp down by a shovel handle with a shovel. Mix quick-setting concrete by water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Add whole concrete into the hole beside the post. Mount the mailbox post, mailbox mounting plate with screws. Put box over mounting plate also insert the screws into the holes on the bottom for your mailbox. Use the screwdriver to set the mailbox up.