Installing Bathroom Subfloors

The bathrooms are the most important nodes in each house. A tape is used to measure and control the flow of water in the tub upstairs. Clean debris, nails or screws to the rafters. Rear bathroom, measuring perpendicular of floor joists to determine the length difference between the wall and the floor center joist in almost 8 feet without having to spend more than eight meters

Language and groove wood with pencil on each side and draw a chalk this measure. Find the drain for the bathroom is coming across the floor then cut the right size hole. Apply adhesive to the construction of the attic floor, which covers only the area of thick and cut will be covered. Nail or screw the wood into place with the groove side outwards.
Measure and mark the following pieces of wood or subflooring also in the wall. Make sure the plywood is off, the seams of plywood was not affected by the same calf. Cover the bar to the bathroom. Make a hole in a bathtub drain fixed it in a right place.