Which is a better pick between blinds and curtains?

In this world, nothing is perfect. Thus, what you wish to use is totally dependent on you. For the most part, we can provide you with some pros and cons of both ones- blinds and curtains. If you use curtains, you can do up your room in either a relaxed or in a formal mood, and it also expresses your sense of uniqueness. Furthermore, curtains have designed imprinted on them, which can affect a person’s mood.

Blinds, on the other part are less costly compared to curtains and you don’t have to wait a long time in order to use them, unlike curtains, as they are easily cleanable. Moreover, they can be adjusted to control the amount of outdoor light that is entering your room. Thus, picking between either is not an easy option, since the former offers a traditional home design, whilst the latter allows light customization and more user convenience.

Various flooring options for your bathroom

Are you getting ready to renovate or re-design your bathroom? Start with the flooring and start with our tips.

There are multiple options these days for bathroom flooring. All you will need to do is to decide on your budget and know where to find the materials.

The most popular and widely used one is the Vinyl flooring. These are durable and water tight – just what you need in a bathroom. They come in all different colors to match your style and taste. Ceramic tiles are also used frequently for their durability, variety and low maintenance.

The semi hard floorings include Linoleum, Rubber and cork and Flexible vinyl. Amongst these, Cork flooring is not recommended for bathrooms because they tend to get damaged if there is too much water accumulation on a daily basis.

If you have a bigger budget, you could opt for stone flooring. This will include Slate, Limestone, Sandstone, Granite, Marble and Mosaic. They look grand and do not need much cleaning once the polishing is done.

Vaastu tips to do up your living room

Do you believe in Vaastu Shastra and want to arrange your new home according to it? Well, here are some tips to arrange your living room according to Vaastu. Firstly, make sure that the room that you choose as your living room is located in the north or east direction. If your house faces the west, your living room can be in the northwest. If your face faces the south, your living room can face the southeast.

You can use paintings in your living room for pleasant environment. Vaastu suggests using of paintings of rising sun and waterfall. Avoid paintings that depict death or violence. If you want to place a television in your living room, place it in the southeast direction. Don’t place the television in the south-west or north-east corner. Keep the furniture in the western or southern corner of the living room. Color the living room in white, blue, green or yellow.

Tips to maintain a pet friendly apartment

Do you want a perfect home where you and your pet both can have a healthy living environment? Well, then following these guidelines will be beneficial for you to maintain a satisfying pet friendly environment. First of all, be totally clear about your pet to your landlord and don’t suppress the required information regarding its type, habitat etc because nothing is worse than keeping a pet covertly.

Keep the litter case of the house clean all the time before you discover yourself living in a dirt pile and ultimately getting into an argument with your landlord. Take your pet to nearby parks or garden for a walk; this is a good option to make your pet happy or unless they might disturb your flat mates with hyper active behavior.

Make sure that you visit a good veterinary doctor on a regular basis for your pet and get its vaccines done regularly before it harms your neighbors and never allow your flat mates to feed your pet because it might not suit the taste of your pet at all and it might fall sick.

Must have security gadgets for your home

You should concentrate on your home’s security. Security gadgets are the most important thing in this aspect. It has become necessity to install the surety gadgets at your home these days. There are several importances of security related things nowadays. Please have a look at the following section:

• Advanced surveillance cameras actually help you to monitor your home premises. If any threats happen within its monitoring field, the camera has the capacity to make you aware of that immediately. Eventually you will inform police authority to help you out from the trouble.
• Window security system is also helpful in this manner. If anyone wants to break the window it will inform you about the threats.
• You can also use fake round the clock ‘barking dog’ security service, which actually helps the outsiders believe that you possess a dog.

So what are you waiting for? Just do some thorough research on them, and start installing.

Learn to light up your study the right way

While setting up your study you should be sure to choose a place that is well lit, airy and gives you your peace of mind, away from all the chaos of the everyday routine life.

The most important point that you need to keep in your mind would be to light up your study in a very artistic yet practical way so that it not only adds to the décor, but also gives you that warm cozy feel.

You might not opt for usual tubes or bulbs. We have a lot of option these days when it comes to lamp shades and decorative lighting. Do not go for the elaborate ones, instead stick to neat and sleeker looking lamps. These would instill that modern touch to your study and illuminate it well without taking up more space.

Also, have the arrangement to have a dim light. Be sure to have open windows in your study, because natural light would be the best way to keep your room fresh.

Classy dining room décor for your home

Most people hardly give much thought about the designing and decoration of the dining room. But one can easily transform their boring and brown dining location into the most classiest and stunning area of your house or apartment. Once you have selected the right palette for the dining area, you need to search for the perfect décor and furniture to compliment it. You can start by selecting the basic décors, like dining tables and chairs.

Once you have chosen your basic items, you can shift your focus towards selection of a complimentary dining set. The color coding plays an important part in it, and you should not just opt for a random design. Next, you should find the right cushion materials for your chair. Not all are meant to provide equal levels of comfort. Next is the cutlery set and tableware, which is as important as the rest of the decorating materials.