Learn to install glass floor tiles all by yourself

Installing glass floor tiles is not as difficult as it sounds as compared to installing ceramic tiles or marble tiles. They are relatively new in the market and present a very sophisticated and classy look to the house. The most amazing greatness about installing glass floor tiles is the fact that they enhance the lighting of the room without the use of any extra lighting. It helps in increasing the brightness of the room and can instantly alleviate your mood.

Although, one must be careful while installing the glass floor tiles as the glass shards might injure them. Also, the suspension membrane needs to be checked for cracks otherwise the whole thing might simply collapse. Enough friction should be provided on these glass tiles as they tend to be very slippery as can result in grave injuries to children. But if properly maintained and taken care of, these glass tiles will serve you for a very long time and will make your room glow like an oyster.


Learn to install glass floor tiles all by yourself

Glass floor are the next big thing in the world of interior decorating. It looks sophisticated, elegant and extremely beautiful. The most amazing fact about glass floors is that if given light it enhances the look of the glass floor tiles making the house look marvelous. Your mood will be elevated just like your house which will look much brighter. While installing glass floor tiles all by yourself you must know few of the important facts in mind. There are three steps in installing glass floor titles namely installation, safety issues and maintenance. Watch out for the cracks on the suspension membrane while installing the glass tiles on the floors. After putting adhesive make sure no air remains inside. Unlike the other tiles, glass tiles increase the chances of slipping and falling down. So be very careful and if possible try to put in some friction on the tiles to reduce the chances of slipping.

How can you play a genius with fabrics?

Fabrics can be used to add up the charm factor of a room without actually spending much. Spice up your abode with romantic appearance and eye catchy colors using the fabrics that come at inexpensive rates but still look sumptuous. Buy cheap fabric sheets from discount stores, and whilst buying make sure of the colors you pick as they should blend in with the colors of the room.

Add pattern to the room by selecting three different types of fabric namely – solid color, stripes and the slight-scale patterned ones. Now use them in a 60/30/10 ratio throughout the room, this will look gorgeous. Get draperies that add to the beauty with some Throw pillows all around the room that look good in all the seasons. You can also use the bits and pieces left in making a table cloth which will enhance the romantic look drastically, imagination is all you need.