How to add a romantic flair to your home décor

romantic home décorA romantic style home décor can set anybody’s mood to a romantic one. A romantic style home décor is the best for newly married couple or for those who are trying to rekindle their romantic relationship all over again. The best way to infuse romanticism in your home décor is through the help of table lamps and lamp shades.

Lamp shades and table lamps gives the room a mild feeling with the absence of harsh direct lighting and in a way sets the mood perfectly for a romantic evening or night. You can find various types of table lamps or stand lamp shades from which you can decide which one will blend with your existing room décor and at the same time you won’t have to worry about the price as lamps comes in a reasonable price range. Aromatherapy candles are also a great way to set the mood right for your partner for the evening you wanted for such a long time.

Closed vs. open storage: what to go for

Closed vs. open storageAre you worried about what type of storage you should go for? Undoubtedly you should always go for the closed storage. As in for the open storage, there are a lot of problem with it. The things are easily vulnerable to extreme conditions and viruses and bacteria. As a result of which the things become unhealthy. To kOKeep them perfect for usage, they should be kept under covers. Thus you should always go for the closed storage.

The things are protected from the extreme outdoor conditions. The things don’t get contaminated easily. Due to closed storage all the things stored are kept protected from the attack of the viruses and thus they remain healthy for usage. So whenever you are going to choose for a type of storage go for the one which is suitable for the purpose. Thus among the types of storages available closed storage is the preferred one

Curtains for your door is it a good pick

Curtains for doorOne of the best and easy ways to bring new life and look to your room is by curtains. By changing the color of the curtain the overall look of the room can be changed. Curtains can add height, breeze ambience, drama and softness to your room.

Selecting a perfect curtain can be a bit confusing. The curtains should be selected on the basis of the theme of your room and selecting curtains are a thoughtful job and requires a deep thinking and planning. Before picking up any curtain the first thing to be done is to take the proper measurement of your doors. The choice of curtain fabric should depend on your need and style.  Various fabric used for curtains are silk, taffeta, cotton, linen etc. you have a wide range of fabric, design and color to choose from you can easily select the best one for your room.

DIY tips to repair your oriental rugs

oriental rugs repair, DIY rugs repair tipsIt’s that the floor rugs will get damaged soon because of frequent encounter with it, if there are children at home then is all obvious. And when it happens we generally can get experts for repair which costs much.

Let go for DIY techniques to repair your rugs. With the stain or burn if it’s small you can easily handle them yourself, Mix crab soda and vinegar in a small amount and apply the mixture on the spot, it will lightens the stain or the burn.

Another technique is that you have a portion of carpet under any furniture then you can cut a small portion of carpet from underneath them and replace them with the damaged portion of the carpet. But doing this requires a large amount of finishing. Use a sharp knife while applying a cut in the carpet. Another most common problem with carpet is color fading you can then dye your carpet. Small repairmen of carpets can be done easily without the need of experts.