Perfect chandelier for your precious dining room

Chandelier for dining room, ChandeliersPerfect lighting is the foremost factor in making a bold statement of a room in your house. For dining rooms especially, medium sized chandeliers up to 36” diameter and foyer chandeliers of diameter above 36” can make a bright focal point and lighten up the dining space adequately enough at the same time. Chandeliers are unique items forming a bright centerpiece in a room, be it the living space, dining room or outdoor dining. Homeowners can choose among different shapes and colors of crystal chandeliers, nickel brushed chandeliers and even beautiful combinations of both installed into one masterpiece.

While crystal chandeliers make the most popular choice, bead-shell chandeliers, murano glass and antler chandeliers are other options. To bring that traditional appearance with candle chandeliers, materials available are brass, brushed nickel and wrought iron. Choose according to the finish and decoration of your dining room and get a wonderful lighting experience.

Transform your living room with 5 simple steps

Tips to renovate living room, living room decor tipsYou may wish to redecorate your living room to add to the beauty of the house. Your house must look aesthetic and inviting and you can also decorate in a new fashionable way. Nowadays there is an upcoming trend to paint the room in contrasting colors, like you can paint three walls white and one wall purple. Accordingly you can select the curtains which will complement with the walls. You can select carpets for your rooms. The curtains and the carpets must not be of the same colors. You can use sofa sets according to the size of your rooms.

There is Amish furniture which looks very classy but they are very expensive. You can also use designer fixtures for the lights of your rooms. You can decorate your room in the way you want but make sure the room does not look dingy. You can use curtains with drapes and also remote controlled curtains.

Custom woodwork: Enhance your home appeal

Home decor ideas, home decorWith the homeowners too conscious with the outlook of their houses, these days they are going to all extents to add that extra factor to make their home look unique and impressive, so if you are living in an accommodation that are built in a community by the same builder, and then customised wood works can be quite a value addition.

You have customised woodwork features in bookshelves or wine cellars, armoires or even the home theatre cabinet. You can even opt for china cabinets or personalised built buffets. They not only add in beauty but also use up left over dull looking spaces with easy storage options, thus optimum utilization of spaces. They even reflect your taste for art and decor. There can be amazing customised art work on wood by professional craftsmen, but before hiring them, make sure about the budget and the specifications that you are looking forward to. Crown moulding and customized wainscoting can be real beauty. But make sure the craftsmen have good experience and a satisfactory track record.

Bathroom lighting 101: LED lights

LED light, bathroom lightingIt is very important to make sure that every part of your home gets the best light fixtures and lighting. The lighting scheme you choose will play a role in the look of your house when the lights are switched on. For your bathroom lighting, your taste of lighting and your budget plays the key role. LED lighting is a very nice option for the ones who like to have a bright scheme for their bathroom.

As far as LED lights are concerned, you can pick many different colors or a combination which works right for your bathroom interiors. These use a lot of power, so turn them on only when there is no natural light available. LED lights will be a bad option for a bathroom with no proper ventilation and windows for natural light to enter. Using LED lights all day long for your bathroom space while using it is not a good idea.