How to clean and maintain your wooden decks

wooden decksIt is known that owners of wooden decks often have to swim through all the wrong information presented in front of them regarding cleaning and maintaining of the wooden decks. It becomes too frustrating when one realizes that the wooden decks do not remain as young as it was expected to be. The following points will differentiate facts from fiction and pronounce the dos and don’ts of treating the wooden desks. UV plus oil is a very good agent to clean your wooden desk. It fills the cells of the wood to fight against entry of moisture which can damage the wooden desks.

Various inexpensive stains and water repellents are present in the market which tries to attract and arrest the attention of the public with the help of attractive advertisements making the public believe that they will serve their purpose of protecting the wooden desks. Howbeit, many a times they are found to cause adverse affects. Most of them hardly possess UV protection to shield from the harmful sun’s rays. The most commonly seen result is the decks turning grey. A Prep deck cleaner can be used.

Avoid fires by securing electrical panels

securing electrical panelsThere are many reasons why we need to be extra careful about electricity matters in our homes. It is difficult to detect any problems within the electrical panels as we don’t usually open them up every day. That is why it is absolutely necessary for us to safeguard the electrical panel beforehand to avoid short circuits and fires.

First of all, when you set in an electrical panel, make sure that you hire an experienced electrician to do the groundwork. If the settings are not set properly in the beginning, then there are more chances of hazards. Any wires and receptacles and plug or even fuses which are connected should be made and protected well with fire proof lamination. You can also use a GFCI which is a ground fault circuit indicator. This helps in creating an alarm when something is wrong with electrical circuit systems in the house. This way you can know about the problem before the damage gets worse.

Tiki torches and home lighting

Tiki torchesWhen it comes to home lighting, tiki torches stand apart from all other things available. Tiki torches are actual oil lamps that burns by absorbing oil through the wick and inflicts a serene tropical ambience to your home. Easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive, these torches come in various materials and designs. Metal body torches are available as well as clay ones. Since they light up with a flame, it is advisable to be careful with them. Keep the torches in a place away from any combustible material.

Children and pets also should be kept away to avoid any kind of fire accident. One may think that tiki torches give out soot as it burns on oil, but there is low soot or no-soot oil available that helps you keep your house brightly lit without any black spots. Expose the wick to light the torch perfectly and not absorb up the oil in minutes.