Tips to maintain quartz floor

Quartz flooring has always been appreciated amidst classy homeowners. Quartz is characterized with an innate brilliance, great durability and a very elegant appeal which altogether makes it a much sought after flooring option. Black quartz looks the classiest and most enriched. Have you too invested on quartz tiles for your home flooring? Well, then you must know that these tiles require some must-follow maintenance tips to restore the hallmark sheen for many more years to come. The post below is a brief on how to maintain a quartz floor.

You must polish the black quartz daily to ensure its brilliant shine. Fill up water in spray bottle. Then, spray little mild detergent on your quartz tile followed by water sprinkles that will dilute the detergent. Now, take a soft rag and rub on the soapy surface for a bright polish. Its better if you start working on smaller areas rather than occupying the entire floor at once.

The experts suggest counting on vinegar-based cleaners while you are cleaning your quartz floor tiles. It an eco-friendly process and hence preferred by conscious homeowners. Make a mix of water & vinegar- spray it on the floor followed by buffing. The needed ratio between water to vinegar would be 3:1. If you don