Tips to clean air ventilation ducts

The air ventilation ducts call for a timely cleaning to prevent dirt deposition and eliminate unhealthy environment issues in the home. Before you go out with your DIY air duct cleaning venture, you would need to be ready with 5 things- furnace filter, vacuum, brush, paper towel and hex driver or screwdriver.

Now, let’s begin the cleaning process-

First step-

Use the paper towel to cover up supply air-registers- just lift up register, wrap up the towel on it & replace it.

Second step

Tune thermostat to the “fan on” mode & switch off “cool/heat” mode to ensure a running fan as you start to clean.

Third step

Check out that the filter is placed properly so that loose dust does not get to flow inside fan motor.

Fourth step

Do not delay to remove any dirt you find in duct work. Just tap on accessible air duct in your basement with the brush handle. It would help to break up the areas where there have been damp moisture laden dust.

Fifth step

Now, it’s time to sweep out dust from supply registers. Lift up your register & get the hose for catching dust pushed off by fan & go on sweeping as much possible into register’s piping. The brush would work to knock loose unwanted dust build-up from the register. Don’t forget to dispose off the paper towels you used to lift the register.

Sixth step

Then, sweep out the return air-registers. The return air-registers would be fitted with screw and hence use screwdriver to unfasten them. Brush & sweep as much as possible into register piping.

Seventh step

Shut the thermostat fan off & power off service switch to shut off the furnace. However, don’t just shut down the thermostat.

Eighth step

Remove panels fro furnace front & vacuum blower compartment thoroughly as well as furnace fan.

Kitchen granite trends of 2014

Granite is emerging as the most gorgeous thing for its eternal beauty in the world. Trends are going up as the 2014 unfolds. The items may not change but the style does. There are various kinds of granites to reflect your kitchen. Below given are some well-liked options on how to utilize your granite-

• Waterfall worktops- This worktop wraps both the floor and top surface similar to a waterfall. It brings grace to the room and can grasp illumination in many diverse perspectives. This sort of design is not only appropriate for your kitchen but also for bathroom. It has easy material and can be modified to any design format. Another benefit is that this worktop can be a further protection to your cabinet.
• Extra thick worktops- some people prefer to use extra thick worktop in their home as the width of the worktops changes with the passage of time. It offers the look of elegancy extravagance and class to the room. They are positioned in extra thick worktop and are easy to install for a large room but not possible for small rooms. It also works finest as a showpiece, thus highlighting the room.
• Different edging- Most of the people ignore this part of worktop thinking that this has no importance. There are various types of edging accessible to select from and they all come in mind for the protection of your family members. From straight edge to the cove royal edge, both add taste and excitement to the remarkable worktop.

These are some of the trends going through this New Year but we are quite aware of some more trends coming in the near future. We are here to keep you informing about the new and stylish trends. There is no stone as strong and as powerful as granite.

Garden Shed Décor Ideas

Decorating your garden shed may not be as boring and mundane as it sounds. It is a very important thing, especially for garden lovers to make a garden shed of their own. Many houses have a lot of leftover space in their gardens; this space can be effectively used for arranging and putting all the tools and equipment used for gardening purposes neatly in a storage room of some sorts. This room can be built such that it camouflages with the garden and the trees and the plants and looks beautiful to look at if the camouflaging is opted out. If you have enough space in your garden a nice wood finish room can be set up to create a retro look; this room can be enough not only to accommodate the usual garden tools but it also is enough to hold lawn parties and set up a bar. If the place is not big enough it can be used only as a little garden shed.

For making your garden shed look authentic, organised, well maintained and decorated, here are a few things which can be used for this purpose- bird feeders, flower boxes and dried flowers, wind chimes and weather wanes, garden art, trellis and old garden tools. All this to make your garden look prettier with all its delicacies and the little things which make the garden shed complete.

If your garden has limited place then this space can be used effectively by using hangers to hand the tools on the side of the sheds. This gives more places and makes the shed look decorative too. Many garden sheds have empty pots for later use; these pots can be painted and arranged in a decorative fashion and also used to store seeds in an organised manner. This makes the shed look neater without compromising on the decor.

Why do you need to go for basement waterproofing services?

Your home is certainly one of your most treasured possessions and you must ensure all the possible steps to restores longevity. Water damage at the basement can be really dangerous leading severe structural and health problem for your home and family. Thus, the home experts always suggest counting on a basement waterproofing service from time to time. The write up here discusses the principal advantages of waterproofing the basement.

Before proceeding with the positive aspects of basement water proofing you must be aware of the hints of water damage at the basement. These include wet floors, wet walls, wet drywall, condensation, leaky windows, damp smell around etc.
Now, let

How to locate a trusted home remodeler

Are you planning a thorough remodeling for your home and looking for the right contractor company? Well, home renovation isn’t something that you would be doing after every 6 months or a year- it’s a costly investment no doubt and hence requires settlement with the most competent remodeling company only. There are several steps to take care of while you are in search of a capable home remodeling firm.

First of all, the norm is to settle with a highly reputed name in the market. The general rule of the thumb is to proceed with a detailed market survey where you have to study 4-5 home remodeling companies before signing up with a one. The home remodeler you are taking to should be backed by great reviews from experts and wonderful testimonials from the previous customers. Don’t forget to view the samples of their earlier projects to gather a strong idea on the quality quotient of the company.

It’s advised that you count on a seasoned firm especially- it’s because the experienced home remodeling companies are backed by an elaborate knowledge on extensive home remodeling process and would be able to extend a skilled help in every aspect of home renovation.
Besides, always make sure to sign up with a full service home remodeling company. The full-service home remodeling agencies are those that area ready to assure help in every aspect of the home improvement project- right from the designing, to supervision to the final lap of the project completion. You have to ensure beforehand that the home remodeler is flexible for a customized service approach. The companies that follow a bespoke service approach generally start off with thorough consultation with the client to ensure the desired personalized touch. Finally, make sure that your chosen home remodeler is ready for an affordable pricing.

Home Improvement Tips

Home improvement ideas can help you to increase the value of your house. Whether you want to put your home for sale or make it more comfortable, lots can be done without putting further dents in your pocket. The most important idea is to protect your valuable investment and see to it that your house is up-to-date and maintained.

First you should repair ceiling problems or the plumbing job or the attic insulation that is necessary. Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is a very important home improvement move if you are planning to sell off your home. This increases the value of the home immediately, and it can be done with very little investment. Home improvements also involve improvement in lightings to provide more space or brighten up the home. Remodeling also means improvement in the atmosphere of the house. To create an open kitchen a kitchen wall can be broken down and this makes the home more friendly and sociable. Paint fades over time and can look gloomy. You can give your home a new coat of paint to make it look fresh and new. Painting can be is inexpensive, if done on your own. You should choose bright colors for your walls and should be careful with bold colors.

Making additions may include adding a deck, a storage area or a pool. This can increase the market value of your house. You can also make your house energy efficient by installing solar panels, using eco green furniture or by creating an eco garden. Cutting down on electricity bills can be of great help to the environment. Improvement in the insulation of the home is very helpful. While home improvements in home increase its comfort and value, it is important that all investments are carefully evaluated and planned.

How Useful Are Indoor Fountains in A Kid’s Room?

According to Feng Shui guidelines, indoor fountains help the flow of positive energy around your house. Ever since people got to know about the many benefits of indoor fountains, the demand for indoor fountains has increased tremendously. As a result of which a variety of designs, shapes and colors of indoor fountains are available in the market today. Indoor fountains can perhaps become a perfect addition to not only your living room but also your kid’s room.

Once the indoor fountain is installed in your kid’s room, the smooth flow and sound of the fountain water will have a soothing and relaxing effect on your kid and will restrain his/her restlessness conveniently. Also at night your kid will not be disturbed from his/her sleep because the water sound will minimize the effect of any unwanted sound. Indoor fountains will increase the humidity level of your kid’s room so that he/she can relax in the room peacefully.

The indoor fountain will function as a humidifier and protect the mucous membrane and skin of your child from the negative impacts of low humidity. During the summer months, the child’s room will remain pleasant and cool if there is an indoor fountain installed in room. Fountains also help keep the air inside the room clean by attracting dust particles and grime.

Indoor fountains will also make your kid’s room aesthetically appealing and beautiful. You should install fountains which have color changing lights and foggers as these really enhance the overall look of your kid’s room. Utilize a wall indoor fountain or a tabletop indoor fountain so that your child cannot reach it. Take the help of your kid to clean and maintain the indoor fountain. Fountains can actually have a good and positive effect on your child’s development and attitude. Thus install one in your kid’s room as soon as possible.

Door Alarms: Significance

It is very essential that you take necessary precautions to protect your home from criminals because some of your things can be replaced but most of your valuable items may be very costly and irreplaceable. If the criminal enters your house, he/she will surely try to get hold of those valuable things. Criminals mainly enter through the door of your house especially the back door. Thus you must install a door alarm in your home so that once it is opened by unauthorized people you can be warned.

The door alarms have sensors that detect any kind of forceful pressure on the door. Once it starts creating warning sounds, the criminal will panic and will do something wrong because of which he/she will get caught or he/she might just run away due to the alarm system. The sound created by the door alarm last for about twenty to thirty seconds but the sound is loud enough to warn you about a possible threat from a criminal. Thus door alarms help prevent crime or theft.

Another important thing that the door alarm does is that it notifies you of a possible fire breakout in or near your house. Along with the sensors that detect motion, smoke detectors are in-built in the alarm

Tips to maintain quartz floor

Quartz flooring has always been appreciated amidst classy homeowners. Quartz is characterized with an innate brilliance, great durability and a very elegant appeal which altogether makes it a much sought after flooring option. Black quartz looks the classiest and most enriched. Have you too invested on quartz tiles for your home flooring? Well, then you must know that these tiles require some must-follow maintenance tips to restore the hallmark sheen for many more years to come. The post below is a brief on how to maintain a quartz floor.

You must polish the black quartz daily to ensure its brilliant shine. Fill up water in spray bottle. Then, spray little mild detergent on your quartz tile followed by water sprinkles that will dilute the detergent. Now, take a soft rag and rub on the soapy surface for a bright polish. Its better if you start working on smaller areas rather than occupying the entire floor at once.

The experts suggest counting on vinegar-based cleaners while you are cleaning your quartz floor tiles. It an eco-friendly process and hence preferred by conscious homeowners. Make a mix of water & vinegar- spray it on the floor followed by buffing. The needed ratio between water to vinegar would be 3:1. If you don