Blowing Insulation in the Newly Constructed Walls

New walls are often left un-insulated, causing a huge amount of energy loss, resulting in huge expenditure on artificial heating and/or cooling and the related costs. Though an overall simple job, one must observe optimum care while using the blow insulation technique. Blow machines are available on rent in local hardware shops. Better yet, the new age technique of batt insulation is much user friendly as it uses panels of insulation.

Decide wisely if you need to insulate through the exterior or interior wall. In case you have vinyl sidings, begin from the interior. However, if you choose exterior walls, you might have lesser things to repair. For each floor, remove a part of the siding to access the wall cavity. Drill a hole to reach the wall cavity, making sure it has no interruptions like a window frame. Choose a spot at a corner. Insert the hose of the blow machine & keep blowing the insulation till the pressure gauge tells you whether the cavity if full. Seal the hole with a plug & paint over it.