Styling the Window Coverings of Old Colonial Homes

Colonial houses dilute between the two extremities – the classy & heavily ornamented laces & drapes of the Victorian houses and the box-in-box simplicity of the Arts & Crafts houses. However, a considerable number of gray cells need to be invested to style the windows of these houses. Care should be taken to use new age curtains & insulating material so as to compensate the huge heating & cooling costs.

Colonial windows have wooden shutters fabricated from the frame to the approximate midpoint of the window. Cotton, Linen or Muslin tab curtains hang from the wooden rods. These can be substituted with the new age synthetic (insulating) fabrics widely available in the market. The typical pattern adopted for curtain designs for a colonial type window would be a floral or plaited on with added fringes for the classy look. Also, the wooden framework needs to be checked for leakages or scratches. The same need to be treated appropriately to avoid any undesirable consequences.

Apply Acoustic Fabric! DIY!

No one likes answered back haughtily, not even in the form of an echo. So, if your walls are with Acoustics fabric panels. They are especially useful to silence the echoes and similar communication interferences caused due to wood paneled walls. These panels are available in the form of wooden frames or foam panels. The method of installing them is explained below.

Locate and measure the wall which needs acoustic covering. Depending on the area, cut wooden frames of appropriate size. Cut the fabric into suitable sizes (e.g. 30 by 78). Apply the panel on the frame & cover it with the fabric. Screw this panel on the wall. Similarly, work on the rest of the wall.

The basis remains the same for foam panels, except for the fact that the fabric is attached to the panel with the help of an adhesive spray. After checking for any wrinkles, affix these panels on the wall.