Building Your Boat Rack Carrier

Boat rack carriers are racks used to transport boats. These racks have simple designs and can be easily built using wooden boards or metal pipes. Let us have a look at how you can build a metal boat rack.

Start by cutting two equal lengths of 2-inch metal pipe equivalent to 7 inches longer than the length of your cab. Call this length “Measure-A”. Now cut two equal lengths of “Measure-B” which is equal to 4 inches added to the width of your cab. Place the two “Measure-A” pipes parallel to each other with the width of the cab between them and weld “Measure-B” pipes on top of those in an equidistance ladder pattern to build your rack support. Drill mounting holes on edge of a 3×3 metal sheet and weld it to the bottom of the rack support. Mark and install the rack on the truck bed. Cut another piece of the pipe 4 inches longer than the length of the rack. Attach this pipe lengthwise in the center of the rack to support the structure. Now install two swivel wheels at the farther end of the rack and your boat rack carrier is ready.

Building Your Wooden Cubbyhole Unit

Cubbyhole unit is a wooden storage unit which stores various knickknacks in the house like books, shoes, or toys. These make perfect organizational solutions and are convenient for keeping your home orderly.

Building a cubbyhole unit is a simple process. Start with measuring the space where the unit will fit and draw a final design plan on paper. Remember to compensate for the thickness of the planks. You should then make a note of number of 48-inch wooden or plywood boards you will need to build this unit. The next step would be to measure, cut and sand the planks according to your design. Build the cubbyholes and assemble your design by nailing your boards together using right angle brackets, screws and nails. Once assembled, the unit should be painted or stained and once dry it should be attached to the wall. You have now finished building your cubbyhole unit.

Stripping the Extra Wood From Around Your Old Dresser Mirror

Process of removing old stain or paint from wooden furniture is called stripping. To strip the wooden frame around your dresser mirror you should first detach it from the dresser and remove the mirror from the frame. Now place the frame on old newspapers or a drop cloth in a clean, well ventilated and dry area. Remember to never strip antiques as it will cause them to lose value.

Wear protective goggles and gloves and paint the frame with stripper fluid. Allow the stripper liquid to settle for 5 to 10 minutes. Once the old paint starts bubbling, it is now time to start scraping the frame using putty knives, paint scrappers, toothbrushes and cotton swabs. Repeat this process if required. Once the frame is stripped, wipe it with mineral spirits using a clean rag. The wood around your old dresser mirror is now stripped and ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Directions for Your Domestic Lingerie Chest Assembly

One of the challenging tasks for a woman is to neatly organize her lingerie, so as to locate them successfully when needed. Why not make your own lingerie chest.

To begin with, check out the local flea market and buy a drawer or sweater chest. You can also buy an unfinished artifact which may merge beautifully with your room. Remove the unwanted drawers & partitions, keeping some for your hooks & pantyhose. You can also customize the cabinet with easy to use DIY kits. Once done with the space optimization, affix the rods, leaving clearance for the hangers. . Attach the brackets and the doors to finish the job. Apply a wood polish to rejuvenate the cabinet. In case you plan to keep the chest in your personal room, you can leave the chest open. You can also affix a half mirror on a side of the chest to add a glitter to it.