Dismantling an Existing Brick Wall

Many a times, while renovating your home, a wall comes into your way. Either you can co-exist with the wall, or you call some contractors with those heavy duty equipments. But wait – there is another way. Bribe your friends with a pizza against a few hours of assistance.

Before beginning the job, make sure the targeted wall in not an important load bearing structure with respect to your house. Put up the safety gear. Lay plastic sheets beneath the wall to collect the residue. Keep a wheel barrow ready to collect & dispose the bricks. Once you and your friends are ready with a cold chisel & a hammer, begin your work from the (approximate) center of the wall. Target the mortar joints and make sure you and your friends work on the same row. Once this row is removed, the upper row should be targeted as it becomes unstable owing to the load on it.