Kitchen granite trends of 2014

Granite is emerging as the most gorgeous thing for its eternal beauty in the world. Trends are going up as the 2014 unfolds. The items may not change but the style does. There are various kinds of granites to reflect your kitchen. Below given are some well-liked options on how to utilize your granite-

• Waterfall worktops- This worktop wraps both the floor and top surface similar to a waterfall. It brings grace to the room and can grasp illumination in many diverse perspectives. This sort of design is not only appropriate for your kitchen but also for bathroom. It has easy material and can be modified to any design format. Another benefit is that this worktop can be a further protection to your cabinet.
• Extra thick worktops- some people prefer to use extra thick worktop in their home as the width of the worktops changes with the passage of time. It offers the look of elegancy extravagance and class to the room. They are positioned in extra thick worktop and are easy to install for a large room but not possible for small rooms. It also works finest as a showpiece, thus highlighting the room.
• Different edging- Most of the people ignore this part of worktop thinking that this has no importance. There are various types of edging accessible to select from and they all come in mind for the protection of your family members. From straight edge to the cove royal edge, both add taste and excitement to the remarkable worktop.

These are some of the trends going through this New Year but we are quite aware of some more trends coming in the near future. We are here to keep you informing about the new and stylish trends. There is no stone as strong and as powerful as granite.