Tips to clean air ventilation ducts

The air ventilation ducts call for a timely cleaning to prevent dirt deposition and eliminate unhealthy environment issues in the home. Before you go out with your DIY air duct cleaning venture, you would need to be ready with 5 things- furnace filter, vacuum, brush, paper towel and hex driver or screwdriver.

Now, let’s begin the cleaning process-

First step-

Use the paper towel to cover up supply air-registers- just lift up register, wrap up the towel on it & replace it.

Second step

Tune thermostat to the “fan on” mode & switch off “cool/heat” mode to ensure a running fan as you start to clean.

Third step

Check out that the filter is placed properly so that loose dust does not get to flow inside fan motor.

Fourth step

Do not delay to remove any dirt you find in duct work. Just tap on accessible air duct in your basement with the brush handle. It would help to break up the areas where there have been damp moisture laden dust.

Fifth step

Now, it’s time to sweep out dust from supply registers. Lift up your register & get the hose for catching dust pushed off by fan & go on sweeping as much possible into register’s piping. The brush would work to knock loose unwanted dust build-up from the register. Don’t forget to dispose off the paper towels you used to lift the register.

Sixth step

Then, sweep out the return air-registers. The return air-registers would be fitted with screw and hence use screwdriver to unfasten them. Brush & sweep as much as possible into register piping.

Seventh step

Shut the thermostat fan off & power off service switch to shut off the furnace. However, don’t just shut down the thermostat.

Eighth step

Remove panels fro furnace front & vacuum blower compartment thoroughly as well as furnace fan.