Tips To Clean Your Basement Floor

Cleaning your basement floorBasement is like a storage room in your whole house. Basement is one of those parts of your home which is most dirty and hence it is bit difficult to clean your basement. The most problematic part while cleaning your basement is to clean your basement floor. As all the things we store are on the floor, floor is the most dirty part and cleaning your basement floor is the most difficult thing. You have to put some real efforts to clean your basement floor. It is really a hardworking job to clean your basement floor and make it sparkling clean. If you are cleaning your basement floor in very rare occasions then you have to make sure you have to make it clean and tidy as you are not going to do it very often. Use all the proper cleaning solutions and make some proper efforts and clean your basement floor with accuracy. Here are some of the tips to clean your basement floor.

  • Scrub your basement floor with cleaning solution

If any of the concrete block surfaces is dirty then you need to give deep cleaning. Take a bucket of warm water and mix a quarter cup of ammonia and then brush this solution on the surface by using a stiff nylon brush. You can also use metallic brush in place of nylon brush. If the stains and dirt on the floor is extra dirty then you can add up trisodium phosphate with water and clean your basement floor with that solution. You can easily get this trisodium phosphate at any of the hardware store. After cleaning your basement floor with this solution rinse it with a hose and then let it dry. After that use a vacuum to remove the excessive water and make your basement floor completely dry.

  • Freshen up your stinky basement with bleach

Mildew which takes its permanent residence in your basement leaves an unpleasant and musty smell in your basement which is really unpleasant. Thus while cleaning your basement floor keep your air and windows open, you can also use your fan to improve air circulation and along with that you can also install a dehumidifier for removing moisture from your basement. Apart from this solution you can also try bleach for cleaning your basement floor. Bleach will also help you to remove fungal growth which is one of the main causes of smell. Spray the solution on the floor and scrub with nylon brush.

  • Ditch the efflorescence

The white powder which many of the times gets accumulated on the basement floor is known as efflorescence. This is collected on the floor when the soluble salt remains on the floor when water seeps along the concrete and then gets evaporated. Thus while cleaning your basement floor, clean it off with a tough and rigid nylon bristled brush and then with a wet rage or with a mop. After cleaning your basement floor in such manner also if this returns back then you need to waterproof your basement.